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Certified under the incredible mentorship of Jennifer Freed, it is an honor and privilege to help guide individuals through their astrological charts.  Also known as your "soul map", a deep dive into your planets and stars can help validate your innate, unique being, help you define your purpose and direction, help you understand certain patterns within yourself, and help you see and feel why certain times in your life feel amazing or challenging.  We can dive into the future or the past or simply look into the map of your soul as it is right now. 

Planet and Moon
Planet and Moon

Astrology package 1

This includes a one-hour birth chart reading for one individual.  You will leave with a better understanding of yourself and the person you were born to be. We can also dive into two or three specific questions. 

Session can be done in-person in Santa Barbara area or on Zoom.


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Holding Hands

Astrology Package 2

This includes a 90-minute astrological chart reading for 2 individuals together.  It is great for couples, parent/sibling, business partners, or any other relationship you want to nurture and understand better.  We will dive into each person's chart individually while focussing on the relationship between the two charts.  We can also dive into  specific questions. 


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Solar Eclipse
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