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Hey There

My name is Linda, and I'm so glad you a here!  As a life-lover and overall enthusiast, I'm here to connect, I'm here grow, I'm here to support, and I'm here to dive deep into a soulful, light-hearted, positive, peaceful, and awesome journey with YOU. 

A little bit about me...

In the world of labels, the roles I identify the most with are singer, mama, foodie, free spirit, and soul seeker. I'm here to show up to life as the best version of myself as often as possible.  As such, I have been a student of yoga and meditation over 20 years ago, because it is the best and most expansive set of tools I’ve found to practice being a mindful, present, and uplifted human.

So, naturally, I want to share my passion for yoga and it's numerous benefits with as many as possible!  Teaching yoga and meditation to students of all ages genuinely feels like a calling ,and it is not a service I take lightly. My teaching is strong, nurturing, accessible, challenging, and peaceful all at once. Through encouragement, variations, and a "come as you are" approach, my hope is that students feel the permission to show up to yoga to find acceptance, grace, and ease, no matter what is going on in their physical or mental worlds.  My goal is to offer students the ability to feel their own unique internal wisdom and guidance, so that they too might find what the need (or don't need) to be a mindful, present, and uplifted human.

Aside from yoga, I LOVE music and, as I said, I LOVE to sing, so I’m passionate about connecting the beauty of music with the beauty of yoga. I often try to curate my classes to the arch of a thoughtful, inspiring playlist and occasionally you will find me chanting a sweet lullaby in savanna.  I also greatly enjoy being a mother to two fascinating humans, Jones and Briana. As a perpetual student, I have learned hands-on that children are the real teachers in this world, reminding us to play, laugh, feel, be present, and not take our beautiful, miraculous lives so seriously. 

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